BMW R1200R Fender Eliminator Instructions

BMW R1200R Fender Eliminator Instructions

1) Remove rider and passenger seats

2) Remove both side pods by removing 3 bolts on either side; 2 inner / 1 outer (pictures 1/2) 

3) Remove inner side panels by removing 4 bolts (pictures 3/4)

4) Remove C-Clip (picture 5)

5) Unplug connector on tail light and slide out brake light

6) Unscrew license plate light cover and pop off (picture 6)

7) Continue removing the following 5 bolts (pictures 7/8/9)

8) Unscrew stock turn signal lenses (picture 10)

9) Pop out turn signal housing and unplug 2 spade connectors on the back (picture 11) 

10) Slide the connectors out and pull entire harness up and leave under seat

11) To remove stock license plate bracket, remove 5 additional bolts (pictures 12/13/14)

12) Pop off 3 rubber grommets and 4 panel clips from stock bracket (picture 15)

13) You are now reusing the above grommets and clips on the new brackets provided (pictures 16/17/18)

14) Mount NRC license plate bracket to turn signal bracket with provided panel clips and M6x12 bolts (picture 19)

15) With provided M6x25 bolts, mount the two tail light brackets onto the bike (picture 20) 

16) Pop on stock tail light, plug back in connector and reinstall C-Clip

17) Feed NRC wires through bottom of bike, and with provided M6x16 bolts and nylon nuts, mount new turn signal bracket (pictures 21/22)

18) Reinstall all side panels previously disassembled. Start with inner panels.

19) Plug in turn signals to spade connectors removed from stock signals
• Right Turn Signal Brown to Black NRC wire Blue to Red NRC wire
• Left Turn Signal Brown to Black NRC wire Blue/Red to Red NRC wire

20) Test your turn signals prior to shrink tubing to make sure signals are working properly

21) Seal connections with provided shrink tube and zip tie if necessary

22) For license plate light, cut off stock bulb and shorten wire if needed. Strip back tape to expose wires

23) Strip ends of NRC wires and use red POSI-LOCK connectors to splice together • Plate Light Brown to Black NRC wire Blue/Yellow to Red NRC wire 

24) Zip tie all wires if necessary to make a clean installation

25) Reinstall both seats