Ducati Monster 696/796/1100 Fender Eliminator Kit Instructions

Ducati Monster 696/796/1100 Fender Eliminator Kit Instructions

1) Remove seat and 4 mounting bolts holding stock tail section (picture 1)

2) Disconnect stock harness plug (picture 2)

3) Remove cable from lock cylinder for seat release (picture 3/4)

4) Remove harness from stock tail section (picture 5)

5) Disconnect plugs for right and left blinker, as well as license plate light plug by cutting factory connectors - (Do not cut 3 wire connector – this is your brake light connector that remains on the bike)

6) Install factory connectors onto new NRC wires (diagram 1)

7) Connect factory plugs back together with tail section off bike

8) Choose location for license plate (3 mounting locations and hardware provided) and use provided plugs to seal remaining holes (picture 6)

9) Swap lock cylinder from stock unit over to NRC tail light

10) Reconnect seat release cable to lock cylinder, looping accordingly for proper fitment

11) Screw new tail section to bike with provided screws and spacers (1/2” spacers/screws used on lower holes, 3/8” spacers/screws used on 2 upper mounting holes) (picture 7)

12) Plug stock harness back into bike and route accordingly (picture 8)

13) Test seat latch with key before installing seat to make sure it moves freely

14) Turn key on and test turn signals, brake light, and license plate light

15) Put seat back on and ride! (picture 9)