Ducati Scrambler 1100 Front Turn Signals Instructions

Ducati Scrambler 1100 Front Turn Signals Instructions

1) Remove side tank bolts using a T30 torx. There is (1) on each side. (Picture 1)

2) Remove center fuel tank bolt under seat using an 8mm socket. Lift tank to expose factory connectors. Unplug the (2) black connectors. (Picture 2/3/4)

3) Remove headlight bolts and nuts, (2) on either side. Use a 10mm socket for the top nuts, and a 5mm allen key and 10mm wrench for the lower bolts. (Picture 5)

4) Pull the stock rubber boot off to expose brass nut inside stock blinker. Use a 10mm wrench to remove brass nut. Doing it this way avoids removing headlight all together and having to readjust after reinstall. (Picture 6/7)

5) Separate turn signal brackets to removing 2 flat head screws from top bracket. Take provided M6x16 bolt and star nut and mount top bracket. Feed wires through the other hole in the bracket, and screw turn signal lens back onto top bracket. (Picture 8/9)

6) Run connectors back underneath tank and plug back into factory harness.

7) Reinstall headlight bolts, fuel tank bolt, and side tank bolts.