Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled Fender Eliminator Instructions

Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled Fender Eliminator Instructions

1) Remove seat from bike

2) Remove (4) bolts holding splash shield underneath fender with 4mm allen key or socket (picture 1)

3) Remove lens from stock signals and unplug spade connectors (picture 2)

4) On right side of bike, find white plate light connector and unplug (picture 3)

5) To remove stock license plate bracket, remove (4) bolts. The two lower bolts are 4mm, and the two upper bolts are 6mm (picture 4/5)

6) Remove 3mm allen bolt under bracket and remove entire license plate bracket (picture 6)

7) Remove clips off license plate bracket and mount onto NRC brackets (pictures 7/8)

8) Take new turn signal bracket and plug connectors together
• Black wire on bike to black NRC wire
• White wire on bike to red NRC wire

9) Shrink tube to seal connections (picture 9)

10) With (2) stock 6mm bolts, mount NRC turn signal bracket (picture 10)

11) Slide extra wire up underneath bike

12) Take ‘L’ shaped bracket and mount onto stock splash guard; leaving bolts very loose (picture 11)

13 ) Take (4) stock 4mm bolts and lightly thread in splash shield, again leaving everything loose (picture 12/13)

14) Once all bolts are started, you may then tighten everything down

15) To mount new license plate bracket, remove lower M6 bolts and sandwich license plate between splash shield and ‘L’ brackets (picture 14)

16) Run plate light connector through bottom body panel and plug into OEM connector (picture 15)

17) Turn key on and test blinkers and plate light

18) Put seat back on bike