Ducati Scrambler Fender Eliminator (Wrap Around) Instructions

Ducati Scrambler Fender Eliminator (Wrap Around) Instructions

1) Disconnect white connector for license plate light located in front of swing arm, and re-route underneath bike (picture 1)

2) Remove wire from two cable clamps under swing arm

3) Remove 3 hugger bracket mounting screws and take hugger off (picture 2)

4) Remove splash shield and stock fender (picture 3,4)

5) Unplug connectors and remove entire fender

6) Remove lens off stock signals, unplug spade connectors, and pull harness out (picture 5)

7) Unbolt stock signals and remove from bike

8) Unbolt slash guard and remove from bike (picture 6)

9) Remove storage box from underneath seat (picture 7/8)

10) Take wiring harness and plug spade connectors together, and shrink tube connections (picture 9)
• White wires to Red wires
• Black wires to Black wires

11) With supplied button head bolts and two white spacers, mount NRC turn signal bracket to fender (picture 10)

12) To install belly pan, use two stock bolts for lower holes, and 2 supplied M8 bolts for underneath tail light. Leave M8 bolts loose and mount fender to lower holes (picture 11/12)

13) Plug in plate light connector

14) To install fender, use stock bolts through lower mounting holes, through belly pan, into the bike, and reinstall two bolts on the side of the fender (picture 13)

15) Route all of your wires under seat and plug into stock harness, making sure both signals and plate light are working

16) Mount your license plate to the belly pan, and then re-install storage bin 

17) Put your seat back on and ride safe