Ducati Supersport 939 Fender Eliminator Instructions

Ducati Supersport 939 Fender Eliminator Instructions

1) Remove the stock fender with a 4mm allen key or socket (picture 1)

2) Cut the zip ties and unplug turn signal and plate light connectors

3) Remove (4) bolts under tail with 6mm allen key or socket (picture 2)

4) Slide fender off the bike

5) Remove (2) stock M5 bolts under tail (picture 3)

6) Mount NRC license plate bracket with M5x25 bolts and small black spacers (picture 4/5)

7) Plug in white connector (plate light)

8) Begin assembling fender eliminator:
• Slide M8x40 bolts through black spacer and turn signal bracket (picture 6)
• Mount M8x30 bolts, white spacers, push nuts (picture 7)
• Longer white spacers in back, shorter white spacers up front.
Push nuts over top of spacers to secure and help mount onto bike

9) Take kit and plug in black connectors (turn signals). Check to make sure they are plugged into the right connectors before finishing mounting the kit.

10) Mount assembled turn signal bracket and mount onto bike (picture 8)

11) Mount your license plate

12) Put seat back on