Ducati XDiavel Front Turn Signals Instructions

Ducati XDiavel Front Turn Signals Instructions

1) Unscrew and remove lenses off stock turn signals (Picture 1)

2) Unplug harness and slide out from stock turn signals (Picture 2)

3) With a 4mm allen key, loosen clamps around forks (Picture 3)

4) Before removing clamp, you must remove two nuts on the back of the headlight and slide the headlight off (Picture 4)

5) Now you may remove the plastic fork clamps

6) Take NRC turn signal bracket and slide top tabs over the bolts that were just loosened (Picture 5)

7) Reinstall headlight by tightening the nuts previously removed

8) With provided shrink tube, plug in NRC turn signals to stock harness and seal connections (Picture 2)
• Red NRC wire to Positive connector
• Black NRC wire to Ground connector
• Center connector is positive / Outer connecter is ground