Ducati XDiavel Rear Turn Signals Instructions

Ducati XDiavel Rear Turn Signals Instructions

1) Remove seat from bike

2) Remove rear bolt on tank with 8mm socket (picture 1)

3) Prop tank up 

4) Locate 4 pin white connector and unplug (picture 2)

5) Take new wire harness provided, and plug into stock connectors (picture 3)

6) Feed 2 pig tailed wires under seat bracket and underneath passenger seat

7) Remove 2 bolts on top of reflector cover with 3mm allen key/ socket (picture 4)

8) Remove 2 lower bolts underneath reflector cover with 6mm allen key/socket and slide out cover (picture 5)

9) To install new signals, slide stock bolts through powder coated plate, two provided spacers, and bolt onto bike (picture 6)

10) Plug connectors from turn signals into provided wiring harness