Honda CB300R Fender Eliminator Instructions

Honda CB300R Fender Eliminator Instructions

1) Remove seat and unplug main connector. (Picture 1)

2) Remove (4) bolts with a 5mm allen key and slide off stock tail section. (Picture 2)

3) Open up stock tail section, unplug barrel connectors and remove entire harness. You will be plugging back into the connector you unplugged in step 1 and into new connections on your new kit. (Pictures 3/4)

4) Mount NRC license plate to turn signal bracket with M6x10 bolts and star nuts.

5) Take fender eliminator and mount onto bike with provided black spacers and M6x25 bolts. (Picture 5)

6) Plug barrel connectors back into removed harness (left signal, right signal, plate light) and test everything. (Picture 6)

7) Zip tie harness and tuck under seat. (Picture 7)