Honda Grom Front Turn Signals Instructions

Honda Grom Front Turn Signals Instructions

1) Remove (2) bolts on either side of headlight (picture 1)

2) Unplug both connectors on back of headlight

3) Remove push pin and bolt underneath headlight and separate the headlight (picture 2/3)

4) Remove screw on back of stock signal, pop out metal plate and remove stock blinkers (picture 4)

5) Pop rubber grommet out from inside turn signal housing

6) Remove single screw on plastic

7) Feed connector through plastic housing, line up lenses and screw together (picture 5/6)

8) Reassemble brackets onto headlight and reinstall stock hardware

9) Plug (2) connectors back into bike behind headlight as well as (2) turn signal connectors

10) Test connections and signals prior to mounting headlight back onto bike

11) Finish reassembling hardware to mount headlight