Kawasaki Z125 Fender Eliminator Instructions

Kawasaki Z125 Fender Eliminator Instructions

1) Remove stock seat

2) Unplug turn signal connectors (picture 1)

3) Unplug plate light connector (picture 2)

4) With a 10mm socket, remove four bolts and slide out stock tail (picture 3)

5) Take NRC turn signal bracket; slide four bolts, spacers, and then push nuts through holes to keep bolts in place. Then mount onto the bike (picture 4)

6) With a 8mm socket, remove two bolts underneath the tail (picture 5)

7) In order to hide license plate light wire, take 1/8” drill bit and drill one hole into the under tail (picture 6)

8) With supplied M6 bolts and black spacers, mount the NRC license plate bracket. To mount the plate light bracket, slide wire through hole previously drilled, then mount the license plate light bracket to it (picture 7)

9) With supplied posi-lock connectors, you may either cut OEM plugs off and make connections with supplied posi-lock’s, or splice directly into OEM harness (picture 8)

10) Plug connectors back into bike and test your connections

11) Reinstall seat