Kawasaki Z900 Front Turn Signals Instructions

Kawasaki Z900 Front Turn Signals Instructions

1) Remove wind screen with a 4mm allen key (picture 1)

2) Unplug (2) OEM connectors

3) Remove (1) philips head screw, remove plate, and slide off stock blinker (picture 2)

4) Signals are right/left specific. Photo 3 is left blinker and photo 4 is right blinker installed as if you were sitting at the bike; not looking at the bike (pictures 3/4)

5) To begin installation, remove screw and separate flat bracket from blinker

6) Feed connector and small tab bracket through hole, sandwich the blinker and tighten philips head screw (pictures 5/6)

7) Repeat for other side

8) Plug connectors back into OEM harness

9) Reinstall wind screen