KTM 790 Fender Eliminator Instructions

KTM 790 Fender Eliminator Instructions

1) Remove seat and unplug OEM connector. (Picture 1)

2) With a 10mm socket, remove (4) bolts to slide off stock tail section. (Picture 2)

3) With a T25 and T30 torx, remove screws on the back of the stock tail section. (Picture 3)

4) Remove (3) more screws from stock tail section and open it up. (Picture 4)

5) Unplug (3) connectors and keep harness. Our connectors plug directly into everything you just removed from the bike and unplugged. (Picture 5)

6) Take new tail light, turn it upside down and remove the bottom plate. Slide (2) M6x16 bolts and (2) delrin spacers through sheet metal, and screw bottom plate back on. Now you can mount onto the bike, feeding wires through rubber grommet and through opening underneath. (Pictures 6,7,8,9,10)

If mounting the standard license plate:

1) Take (2) M6x16 bolts and (2) delrin spacers, mount wire cover and license plate. (Pictures 11,12)

If mounting the tucked license plate:

1) Take same hardware and mount wire cover and license plate onto the bike. (Pictures 13/14)

2) Plug in all connectors and test them