KTM 790 Front Turn Signals Instructions

KTM 790 Front Turn Signals Instructions

1) Remove T25 torx bolt and tilt headlight down. (Picture 1)

2) Unplug connector behind headlight, and remove (1) T30 torx bolt up top, and (2) T20 torx bolts below. (Picture 2)

3) Remove cover and unplug white turn signal connectors.

4) Remove (1) T30 torx bolt on each side to get to the mounting hardware underneath. (Picture 3)

5) Remove nut with a 12mm wrench and take off stock blinker. (Picture 4)

6) Remove top plate on new turn signal, and install lower bracket and lens onto the bike with provided M5x12 bolt and M5 nut. (Pictures 5/6)

7) Screw top bracket onto turn signal.

8) Plug in connectors and test.

9) Reinstall turn signals cover, headlight shield, and plug headlight back in.