KTM RC8 Fender Eliminator Instructions

KTM RC8 Fender Eliminator Instructions

1) Remove seat

2) Unplug connector underneath seat (picture 1)

3) Unbolt (4) M5 bolts with 8mm socket, and remove stock stalk (picture 2)

4) To finish removing stock harness, remove (10) T20 bolts and open stalk (picture 3)

5) Unplug (2) white connectors, and slide license plate light bulb out (picture 4)

6) Remove bulb from license plate light

7) Plug back in connector, previously disconnected in step 2 (picture 5)

8) Before mounting NRC kit onto your bike, slide M6x25 bolts through plate, sandwiching supplied push nuts between 3/8” spacers and bolts, holding the bolts in place (picture 6)

9) Feed all connectors through the hole up underneath seat and mount the kit using supplied bolts (picture 7)

10) Mount your license plate to the tabs on the bracket 

11) Remove relay harnesses from hardware bag (picture 8)

12) Plug in plate light connectors into plate light housing (picture 9)
• Red NRC wire to White wire on RC8
• Black NRC wire to Brown wire on RC8

13) Plug in the rest of the connectors (Picture/Arrows 10)

14) Test your connections and make sure your blinkers flash correctly (RH/LH)

15) Put seat back on your bike