MV Agusta Dragster Front Turn Signals (2019-Present) Instructions

MV Agusta Dragster Front Turn Signals (2019-Present) Instructions

1) Remove (2) allen bolts on both sides of headlight cover. The headlight will tilt down so you can unplug the headlight connector and turn signal connectors. You can now slide off the entire headlight assembly off the bike. (Pictures 1, 2)

2) Remove (1) allen bolt on each side from back of headlight assembly and remove temporarily. (Picture 3)

3) Remove stock bolt behind stock turn signal and slide off the bike. (Picture 4)

4) Remove rubber grommet from both sides. (Picture 5)

5) With provided washer and screw, mount each turn signal on to stock bracket. (Picture 6)

6) Reinstall brackets removed in step 2. (Picture 7)

7) Mount headlight and turn signal bracket back onto the bike, plugging in the headlight and turn signals.

8) Test connectors to ensure proper flashing.