MV Agusta Dragster Rear Turn Signals (2019-Present) Instructions

MV Agusta Dragster Rear Turn Signals (2019-Present) Instructions

1) Remove patch plate to expose wiring harness and unplug connectors. (Picture 1)

2) Remove (3) bolts on stock hugger to remove from bike. (Picture 2)

3) Underneath the seat, remove (4) screws using a 3mm allen key to remove the plastic shield. (Picture 3)

4) The harness on the swing arm is taped together. If you are just installing our rear signals and moving your license plate up underneath the tail light, you just need to route the harness up underneath the seat. If you are installing our side mount plate or another side mount solution, you will need to unwrap the harness to separate the plate light connector. Leave that one down on the swing arm and route just the turn signal connectors up underneath the bike. (Picture 4)

5) Remove (2) allen bolts to slide ABS pump out of the way. (Picture 5)

6) Take NRC turn signal bracket and using the provided bolts and nut plate, mount onto the bike. (Pictures 6-11)

7) Route connectors through sub frame and tail light to the harness pulled up from the swing arm to plug in. 

8) Test turn signals before re-installing plastic shield and tightening everything back together.