MV Agusta F3 Fender Eliminator Instructions

MV Agusta F3 Fender Eliminator Instructions

1) Lift passenger seat and remove dzus fitting (picture 1)

2) Remove stock sea

3) Pop off side panel (picture 2)

4) Remove six 4mm allen bolts from lower black body pan

5) Remove 2mm allen bolts on top of stock tail light (picture 3/4)

6) Remove all 4mm bolts holding both side panels and let lower black panel hang (picture 5)

7) Remove 5mm allen bolt (picture 6)

8) Slide out rubber straps holding wiring harness

9) With a 10mm wrench, remove bolts to passenger seat and slide out black panel behind the passenger seat bracket (picture 7)

10) Disconnect all 3 white connectors

11) Remove 4 bolts holding on stock license plate bracket (picture 8)

12) Now that the box is removed, re-assemble everything short of seats

13) Now take your NRC fender eliminator out of the box and assemble license plate to turn signal plate (picture 9)

14) Slide NRC connectors through slot in back, and lightly tighten nut to washer – do not over tighten yet (picture 10)

15) Remove double sided tape backer, align the bracket on the body, and lightly stick to bottom body panel

16) Once your fender eliminator is lined up, tighten the nut underneath passenger seat

17) Plug in new connectors to stock wiring harness

18) Reinstall stock harness cover

19) Make sure all body panels are put back together, re-install both seats, and enjoy!