Yamaha FZ-09 | MT-09 Fender Eliminator Instructions

Yamaha FZ-09 | MT-09 Fender Eliminator Instructions

1) Remove (2) hex bolts (picture 1)

2) Remove (2) allen bolts (picture 2)

3) Remove (4) hex bolts on seat bracket – two on either side (picture 3)

4) Unplug connectors going to turn signals and license plate

5) Remove (4) hex nuts going to stock tail section (picture 4)

6) Pop (2) plastic clips out and remove stock tail section (picture 5)

7) Remove (2) allen bolts, unplug tail light connector and remove tail light (picture 6)

8) First, mount NRC license plate bracket. License plate tabs will come loose so you can mount plate, and then tighten. Supplied M6x16 bolts and star nuts are used to mount license plate. Remove side pods if necessary to get tools in (pictures 7/8)

9) Route license plate light wire up through hole under bike and plug into stock barrel connections – check connections (picture 9)

10) Take NRC tail light and remove (4) screws on bottom plate with bolts already sticking through (picture 10)

11) 2 more star nuts from hardware bag are now used to mount lower bracket (pictures 11/12)

12) Take tail light and (4) screws and mount onto lower bracket, reusing (4) screws previously removed to mount lower bracket (picture 13)

13) Feed harness and plug into OEM connectors. Test connections before putting bike back together

14 )Reinstall seat bracket and side pods